04th January, 2019 Current Affairs Questions and Answers

Day Wise Current Affairs Quiz Questions and Answers on 04th January, 2019

color:black">Name the person who was appointed as executive director in Oriental Bank of Commerce, on 25th December 2018?

[A] Balakrishna Alse S
[B] Sunita Iyer
[C] Parmesh S
[D] Runa Khatri
[E] None of these
2. Who was appointed as executive director in Corporation Bank, on 25th December 2018?
[A] Birupakshya Mishra
[B] Sameer Khan
[C] Vishal Singh
[D] Rahul Saini
[E] P V Bharati
3. Name the first female speaker of Fiji’s Parliament, who died on 22nd December 2018?
[A] Dr. Jiko Luveni
[B] Dr. Maria Jude
[C] Anne Benard
[D] Edie Van De Camp
[E] None of these
4. Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will soon introduce a new currency note of what denomination with additional features?
[A] Rs 20
[B] Rs 50
[C] Rs 10
[D] Rs 5
[E] None of these

_______ was appointed as a non-executive director of Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Ltd on 26th December 2018?

[A] Sharmila Kataria
[B] Kunal Kashyap
[C] Sandeep Vaishnav
[D] N Srinivasan
[E] None of the above
6. Jyoti Randhawa was arrested on charges of poaching in the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve’s protected area in Uttar Pradesh, on 26th December 2018. Which sport does he belong to?
[A] Cricket
[B] Hockey
[C] Kabaddi
[D] Golf
[E] None of these

color:black">Name the country whose parliament called the Knesset, approved of a law to permit exports of medical marijuana, on 26 color:black">th December 2018?

[A] Spain
[B] Mexico
[C] Israel
[D] Egypt
[E] None of these

color:black">India achieved another milestone when Indian Stock market overtakes Germany for the first time in seven years to become the world's ________ largest stock market.?

[A] 7th
[B] 12th
[C] 25th
[D] 32nd
[E] 35th
9. Name of the Indian CM who has been conferred the Skoch Chief Minister of the Year Award for 2018?
[A] Sarbananda Sonowal
[B] Pinarayi Vijayan
[C] N Chandrababu Naidu
[D] Mamata Banerjee
[E] Adityanath
10. When was the National Farmers Day observed?
[A] 21st December
[B] 22nd December
[C] 23rd December
[D] 24th December