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Not running process are kept inside:

[B] Queue
[C] System
[D] All
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prakash kumar dhurwey
prakash kumar dhurwey - 2 months ago

prakash kumar dhurwey from Indore, India is saying All is correct answer

Deep - 1 year ago

Deep from Kolkata, India is saying CPU is correct answer

Sabina Sunuwar
Sabina Sunuwar - 2 years ago

Sabina Sunuwar from Dang, Nepal is saying Queue is correct answer

Vipul Gupta
Vipul Gupta - 3 years ago

Vipul Gupta from New Delhi, India is saying Queue is correct answer

Taruñ Dhimañ
Taruñ Dhimañ - 3 years ago

Taruñ Dhimañ from Delhi, India is saying All is correct answer

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Process scheduling is defined as:

  • [A] removal of the running process from the CPU
  • [B] Data to be used for executing the program.
  • [C] Running program inside the cpu
  • [D] none

Not a valid state of thread

  • [A] Running
  • [B] Parsing
  • [C] Ready
  • [D] blocked

A collection of software routines are called

  • [A] Hardware
  • [B] Operating System
  • [C] Data files
  • [D] Multiprogramming

Which of the following algorithm have Belady's anamoly?

  • [A] Optimal replacement
  • [B] FIFO
  • [C] LRU
  • [D] both in FIFO and LRU

Mutual exclusion can be provided by the

  • [A] mutex locks
  • [B] binary semaphores
  • [C] both (a) and (b)
  • [D] none of the mentioned