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Classification of organisms based on evolutionary as well as genetic relationships is called

[A] Numerical taxonomy
[B] Phenetics
[C] Biosystematics
[D] Cladistics
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ASHISH SHARMA - 2 months ago

ASHISH SHARMA is saying Cladistics is correct answer

Ashna Dileep
Ashna Dileep - 1 year ago

Ashna Dileep is saying Phenetics is correct answer

Mahantesh janjeer
Mahantesh janjeer - 2 years ago

Mahantesh janjeer from Bengaluru, India is saying Numerical taxonomy is correct answer

Rhye - 3 years ago

Rhye from San Fernando, Philippines is saying Cladistics is correct answer

Bandna Chauhan
Bandna Chauhan - 3 years ago

Bandna Chauhan from Shimla, India is saying Numerical taxonomy is correct answer

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The term species was coined by______.

  • [A] Aristotle
  • [B] Linnaeus
  • [C] John Ray
  • [D] Engler

Single-celled eukaryotes are included in

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  • [B] Protista
  • [C] Monera
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The Phylogenetic system of classification was put forth by

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  • [B] George Bentham and Joseph Dalton Hooker
  • [C] Carolus Linnaeus
  • [D] Adolf Engler and Karl Prantl

One of the most important functions of botanical gardens is that

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