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Which of the following plants is used extensively for the study of photosynthesis?

[A] Amaranthus
[B] Asparagus
[C] Chlorella
[D] Sunflower
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AMIT SARKAR - 4 days ago

AMIT SARKAR is saying Chlorella is correct answer

Sudha yadav
Sudha yadav - 1 week ago

Sudha yadav is saying Chlorella is correct answer

Aksharaa D
Aksharaa D - 3 weeks ago

Aksharaa D is saying Asparagus is correct answer

Khushi - 3 weeks ago

Khushi is saying Amaranthus is correct answer

Gaurav Bharari
Gaurav Bharari - 3 weeks ago

Gaurav Bharari is saying Sunflower is correct answer

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Flagellated male gametes are present in all the three of which one of the following sets?

  • [A] Zygnema, Saprolegnia and Hydrilla
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Transgenic plants are the ones

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