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External fertilization occurs in majority of

[A] Algae
[B] Fungi
[C] Liverworts
[D] Mosses
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Chinmayee Mickon
Chinmayee Mickon - 1 year ago

Chinmayee Mickon is saying Algae is correct answer

Nazia Sayed
Nazia Sayed - 4 years ago

Nazia Sayed from Mumbai, India is saying Liverworts is correct answer

Harleen Kour
Harleen Kour - 4 years ago

Harleen Kour from Vivek Vihar, India is saying Mosses is correct answer

Vandana Ch
Vandana Ch - 4 years ago

Vandana Ch from Gandhinagar, India is saying Algae is correct answer

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Which one of the following is a correct statement?

  • [A] Fronds are found in Bryophytes.
  • [B] Heterocysts are found in Nostoc.
  • [C] Diatoms produce basidiospores.
  • [D] Multiciliated sperms are found in Angiosperms.

In a moss the sporophyte

  • [A] Arises from a spore produced from the gametophyte
  • [B] produces gametes that given rise to the gametophyte
  • [C] is partially parasitic on the gametophyte
  • [D] Manufactures food for itself, as well as for the gametophyte

Ribbon shaped chloroplasts occur in

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  • [B] Spirogyra
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  • [D] Riccia