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What was the official charge that Louis Riel was hanged for in 1885?

[A] Murder
[B] Trespassing
[C] Cattle Theft
[D] Treason
[E] Interracial marriage
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Brittany Botting
Brittany Botting - 10 months ago

Brittany Botting from Brampton, Canada is saying Murder is correct answer

Mai Fccw Eagle
Mai Fccw Eagle - 10 months ago

Mai Fccw Eagle from Coquitlam, Canada is saying Treason is correct answer

Lucie Brisson
Lucie Brisson - 1 year ago

Lucie Brisson from Toronto, Canada is saying Treason is correct answer

Curniff Johnson
Curniff Johnson - 2 years ago

Curniff Johnson from Toronto, Canada is saying Treason is correct answer

Aditya - 2 years ago

Aditya from Patna, India is saying Trespassing is correct answer

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Who are the M├ętis?

  • [A] The distinct aboriginal people of Atlantic Canada.
  • [B] A people of mixed Inuit/First Nations ancestry most of whom live on the Prairies.
  • [C] First Nations people speaking the Michif dialect.
  • [D] A distinct people of mixed Aboriginal and European ancestry.

What is the most widely spoken Aboriginal language in Nunavut?

  • [A] Atanarjuat
  • [B] Nanook
  • [C] Inuinnaqtun
  • [D] Inuktitut
  • [E] Aglukark

When did First Nations get the vote in Canada?

  • [A] 1860
  • [B] 1906
  • [C] 1936
  • [D] 1960
  • [E] First Nations people could always vote in Canada

Who are the Acadians?

  • [A] German immigrants.
  • [B] Decendents of the the first French settlers.
  • [C] An aboriginal people.
  • [D] Refugees from the American Revolution.