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What system of First Nation governance was the U.S. constitution supposedly based upon?

[A] The Assembly of First Nations
[B] The Six Nations Confederacy
[C] Grand Council of the Crees
[D] Metis National Council
[E] A Tribe Called Red
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Mai Fccw Eagle
Mai Fccw Eagle - 10 months ago

Mai Fccw Eagle from Coquitlam, Canada is saying The Six Nations Confederacy is correct answer

Judy Hadad
Judy Hadad - 1 year ago

Judy Hadad from Montreal, Canada is saying The Assembly of First Nations is correct answer

Ariadna FE
Ariadna FE - 1 year ago

Ariadna FE from Saint-constant, Canada is saying Grand Council of the Crees is correct answer

Curniff Johnson
Curniff Johnson - 2 years ago

Curniff Johnson from Toronto, Canada is saying The Six Nations Confederacy is correct answer

Aditya - 2 years ago

Aditya from Patna, India is saying The Six Nations Confederacy is correct answer

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Which of the following statements about residential schools is NOT true?

  • [A] The federal government placed many Aboriginal children in residential schools to educate and assimilate them into mainstream Canadian culture.
  • [B] The schools were poorly funded and inflicted hardship on the students.
  • [C] The schools were welcomed by the Aboriginal people.
  • [D] Aboriginal language and cultural practices were mostly prohibited.

What are the three main groups of aboriginal peoples?

  • [A] First Nations, Métis and Inuit.
  • [B] Europeans, First Nations and Inuit.
  • [C] United Empire Loyalists, Métis and Inuit
  • [D] Acadians, United Empire Loyalists and First Nations

What is the name of the 1795 treaty that allows free passage of First Nations between the U.S. and Canadian border?

  • [A] The Jay Treaty
  • [B] The Blue Jay Treaty
  • [C] The Jay Silverheels Treaty
  • [D] The Jay Zee Treaty
  • [E] The Jay to the World Treaty

Who are the Acadians?

  • [A] German immigrants.
  • [B] Decendents of the the first French settlers.
  • [C] An aboriginal people.
  • [D] Refugees from the American Revolution.

Which Aboriginal people are exempt from paying income taxes in Canada?

  • [A] Some First Nations
  • [B] Some Metis
  • [C] Some Inuit
  • [D] Indigenous Australians
  • [E] All of the above