4 years ago in KBC 9 - Episode 28

In Tulsidas's 'Ramcharitmanas' who says the following lines and to whom: 'Mangal bhawan, amangal Haari, Dravahu so Dasarath ajir bihari'?

[A] Kakbhushundi to Garuda
[B] Gargi to Maitreyi
[C] Shiva to Parvati
[D] Uddalaka to Shwetaketu

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Dillip Jena - 4 years ago

c Shiva to Parvati

Valji Jivabhai Shingala
Valji Jivabhai Shingala - 1 year ago

Valji Jivabhai Shingala from Rajkot, India is saying Kakbhushundi to Garuda is correct answer

Ashish Jangra
Ashish Jangra - 1 year ago

Ashish Jangra is saying Shiva to Parvati is correct answer

SURAJ SINGH - 2 years ago

SURAJ SINGH from Delhi, India is saying Uddalaka to Shwetaketu is correct answer

Dinesh Garg
Dinesh Garg - 2 years ago

Dinesh Garg from Jind, India is saying Shiva to Parvati is correct answer

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