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A field or a combination of fields that has a unique value is called :

[A] Foreign key
[B] Secondary key
[C] Primary key
[D] Alternate key
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DZ&UC N.Feroze
DZ&UC N.Feroze - 2 months ago

DZ&UC N.Feroze from Karachi, Pakistan is saying Primary key is correct answer

Medhin Admasu Bekele
Medhin Admasu Bekele - 4 months ago

Medhin Admasu Bekele from Wolaita Sodo, Ethiopia is saying Primary key is correct answer

bibek thapa
bibek thapa - 4 months ago

bibek thapa from Nepal is saying Primary key is correct answer

Melvin Baybayanon
Melvin Baybayanon - 4 months ago

Melvin Baybayanon is saying Foreign key is correct answer

5041 Prashanna U
5041 Prashanna U - 5 months ago

5041 Prashanna U is saying Primary key is correct answer

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