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Which of the following is not the function of client?

[A] Compile queries
[B] Query optimization
[C] Receive queries
[D] Result formatting and presentation
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shriya G
shriya G - 1 month ago

shriya G is saying Compile queries is correct answer

Sewunet Samuel
Sewunet Samuel - 3 months ago

Sewunet Samuel from Ethiopia is saying Query optimization is correct answer

bibek thapa
bibek thapa - 4 months ago

bibek thapa from Nepal is saying Compile queries is correct answer

Ahmed Alanbagi
Ahmed Alanbagi - 7 months ago

Ahmed Alanbagi from Baghdad, Iraq is saying Query optimization is correct answer

dundarao dhage
dundarao dhage - 9 months ago

dundarao dhage is saying Receive queries is correct answer

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