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In LISP, the addition 3+2 is entered as ?

[A] 3+2
[B] 3 add 2
[C] (+ 3 2)
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Azeezat Omolara Azeez
Azeezat Omolara Azeez - 3 months ago

Azeezat Omolara Azeez from Suleja, Nigeria is saying 3+2 is correct answer

pawan pant
pawan pant - 3 months ago

pawan pant from New Delhi, India is saying 3 add 2 is correct answer

Ahmed Alanbagi
Ahmed Alanbagi - 8 months ago

Ahmed Alanbagi from Baghdad, Iraq is saying (+ 3 2) is correct answer

Nguyễn Trường
Nguyễn Trường - 10 months ago

Nguyễn Trường from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is saying 3+2 is correct answer

Adeel Bhat
Adeel Bhat - 1 year ago

Adeel Bhat from Srinagar, India is saying (+ 3 2) is correct answer

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