7 years ago in MS Access

In MS-Access to Refresh the contents of a Lookup field (Lookup field: A field, used on a form or report in an Access database, that either displays a list of values retrieved from a table or query, or stores a static set of values.) list box or combo box

[D] F9
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SHASHI KANT - 4 years ago

D F9 i hope

Ashi S
Ashi S - 7 months ago

Ashi S from Srinagar, India is saying DOWN ARROW is correct answer

Muhammad Nadeem
Muhammad Nadeem - 7 months ago

Muhammad Nadeem from Islamabad, Pakistan is saying DOWN ARROW is correct answer

K Sf
K Sf - 8 months ago

K Sf from Central, Hong Kong is saying F4 or ALT+DOWN ARROW is correct answer

baldev yadav
baldev yadav - 9 months ago

baldev yadav from Mumbai, India is saying F9 is correct answer

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In MS-Access to open an existing database press

  • [A] CTRL+N
  • [B] CTRL+O
  • [C] ALT+F4
  • [D] None of these

How do you rearrange the date in ascending or descending order?

  • [A] Data, table
  • [B] Data, sort
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To add two cells (A1 and A2) together you use the following formula:

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  • [D] =together(A1:A2)