7 years ago in MS Word

What is the smallest and largest font size available in Font Size tool on formatting toolbar?

[A] 8 and 72
[B] 8 and 68
[C] 6 and 72
[D] 6 and 68
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The battle cats Channel - 4 years ago

nope i put 9999 as my front and it work the answer is woung

Amit Tiwari - 4 years ago

A is right

md bashar - 4 years ago

font size 8 to 72

Full 2 Fun - 4 years ago

First one is correct

Rubyat Shoikot - 4 years ago

of course 8 and 72

Raji Raji - 5 years ago

8 and 72 (a)

PAWAN KUMAR - 5 years ago

[A] 8 and 72

brooklyn breann caldwell - 5 years ago

Answer 8 and 72

Chami Mwalo - 5 years ago

A. The smallest sie is 8 and largest is 72

Yogesh Joshi
Yogesh Joshi - 3 months ago

Yogesh Joshi from Narayangadh, Nepal is saying 8 and 72 is correct answer

prakash kumar dhurwey
prakash kumar dhurwey - 4 months ago

prakash kumar dhurwey from Indore, India is saying 8 and 72 is correct answer

My Village My Place
My Village My Place - 4 months ago

My Village My Place from Nepal is saying 8 and 72 is correct answer

Arindam Hore
Arindam Hore - 4 months ago

Arindam Hore from Kolkata, India is saying 6 and 68 is correct answer

Tulala Naveen kumar
Tulala Naveen kumar - 4 months ago

Tulala Naveen kumar from Hyderabad, India is saying 8 and 72 is correct answer

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