7 years ago in MS Word

A character that is raised and smaller above the baseline is known as

[A] Raised
[B] Outlined
[C] Capscript
[D] Superscript
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Athule Gecelo - 3 years ago

D. I declare that?

ADITYA PANDA - 4 years ago


Full 2 Fun - 4 years ago

last one is correct

Rubyat Shoikot - 4 years ago

[D] Superscript

brooklyn breann caldwell - 5 years ago

answer D supescript

Chami Mwalo - 5 years ago

D. A character that raised is called superscript

Felicia Edet - 6 years ago

Superscript is above, like exponents, while subscript is below. o3o

Guest - 6 years ago


Md. Hossain Ali
Md. Hossain Ali - 2 months ago

Md. Hossain Ali from Netrakona, Bangladesh is saying Raised is correct answer

Yogesh Joshi
Yogesh Joshi - 3 months ago

Yogesh Joshi from Narayangadh, Nepal is saying Superscript is correct answer

prakash kumar dhurwey
prakash kumar dhurwey - 4 months ago

prakash kumar dhurwey from Indore, India is saying Outlined is correct answer

My Village My Place
My Village My Place - 4 months ago

My Village My Place from Nepal is saying Superscript is correct answer

bibek thapa
bibek thapa - 4 months ago

bibek thapa from Nepal is saying Superscript is correct answer

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