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 For interpretation of java program, _________ command is used.

[A] java
[B] javac
[C] javap
[D] none of these
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Awez Pathan
Awez Pathan - 3 weeks ago

Awez Pathan from Aurangabad, India is saying java is correct answer

keziah - 3 months ago

keziah from Colombo, Sri Lanka is saying java is correct answer

Hafiz Uzair
Hafiz Uzair - 4 months ago

Hafiz Uzair from Lucknow, India is saying java is correct answer

K Abhinay
K Abhinay - 4 months ago

K Abhinay from Nirmal, India is saying javap is correct answer

Anyaogu Margaret
Anyaogu Margaret - 5 months ago

Anyaogu Margaret from Lagos, Nigeria is saying javac is correct answer

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 What do you mean by javap?

  • [A] java compiler
  • [B] java Interpreter
  • [C] java Disassemble
  • [D] java debugger

Which keyword represents object of the present class

  • [A] this
  • [B] package
  • [C] interface
  • [D] final

javah stands for

  • [A] compiler
  • [B] Interpreter
  • [C] Header file
  • [D] debugger

DNS stand for

  • [A] Domain name syatem
  • [B] Domain network System
  • [C] Domain new System

String object is

  • [A] mutable
  • [B] immutable