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To display text in the applet status bar.........method is used.

[A] showStatus()
[B] showStatusBar()
[C] drawStatus()
[D] drawStatusBar()
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DZ&UC N.Feroze
DZ&UC N.Feroze - 2 months ago

DZ&UC N.Feroze from Karachi, Pakistan is saying drawStatus() is correct answer

Azeezat Omolara Azeez
Azeezat Omolara Azeez - 3 months ago

Azeezat Omolara Azeez from Suleja, Nigeria is saying showStatusBar() is correct answer

Neetu Chaursya
Neetu Chaursya - 5 months ago

Neetu Chaursya is saying showStatus() is correct answer

26. Nimisha Gharat
26. Nimisha Gharat - 6 months ago

26. Nimisha Gharat from Mumbai, India is saying drawStatusBar() is correct answer

Alphonsa Johny
Alphonsa Johny - 8 months ago

Alphonsa Johny from Kochi, India is saying showStatus() is correct answer

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The syntax of drawstring() method is.................

  • [A] void drawstring(String s)
  • [B] void drawstring(String s,int x,int y)
  • [C] void drawstring(int x,int y,string s)
  • [D] void drawstring(String x,int x)

To display text on the applet........method is used.

  • [A] showString()
  • [B] drawString()
  • [C] println()
  • [D] printString()

The Applet class is in ...........package

  • [A] java.applet
  • [B] java.awt
  • [C] java.io
  • [D] java.util

Which class is used to get dimensions of an applet?

  • [A] Dimension
  • [B] metrics
  • [C] Applet
  • [D] fontMetrics

which method can be used to draw a circle in the applet?

  • [A] drawCircle()
  • [B] drawOval()
  • [C] drawArc()
  • [D] both b and c