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String is an________

[A] class
[B] Variable
[C] Array
[D] Data type
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keziah - 3 months ago

keziah from Colombo, Sri Lanka is saying Data type is correct answer

Onyinyechi stella
Onyinyechi stella - 5 months ago

Onyinyechi stella is saying Variable is correct answer

Youssef Aserrar
Youssef Aserrar - 7 months ago

Youssef Aserrar from Casablanca, Morocco is saying class is correct answer

saliha rchid
saliha rchid - 7 months ago

saliha rchid from Casablanca, Morocco is saying Data type is correct answer

rita elradi
rita elradi - 7 months ago

rita elradi from Casablanca, Morocco is saying Data type is correct answer

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Which of the following statements are incorrect?

  • [A] String is a class
  • [B] Strings in java are mutable.
  • [C] Every string is an object of class String.
  • [D] Java defines a peer class of String, called StringBuffer, which allows string to be altered.

What is the output of the code ?
public class AQuestion{

      private int i = j;

      private int j = 10;

      public static void main(String args[]){

            System.out.println((new AQuestion()).i);



  • [A] Compiler error complaining about access restriction of private variables of AQuestion.
  • [B] Compiler error complaining about forward referencing.
  • [C] No error - The output is 0;
  • [D] No error - The output is 10;

What will happen if you try to compile and run the following code ?
public class MyClass {

    public static void main(String arguments[]) { 


    public void amethod(String[] arguments) { 



  • [A] error Can't make static reference to void method.
  • [B] error method main not correct
  • [C] error array must include parameter
  • [D] amethod must be declared with String