6 years ago in IB ACIO Grade - II 2013

In how many ways can the letters of word ASSASSINATION be arranged so that all the S are together?

[A] 10!
[B] 14!(4!)
[C] 1,51,200
[D] 36,28,800
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RAKESH RAWAT (R2) - 4 years ago

The word ASSASSINATION has 4S,3A,2I,2N,T,O,4S are together. This is considered as one block as 1 letter Now we have 3A,2I,2N,4S,T,O ⇒10!3!2!2!=10×9×8×7×6×5×4×3×2×1(3×2×1)×(2×1)×(2×1)⇒10!3!2!2!=10×9×8×7×6×5×4×3×2×1(3×2×1)×(2×1)×(2×1) ⇒10×9×8×7×5×3×2⇒10×9×8×7×5×3×2 ⇒151200⇒151200

Athira Lekshmi C V
Athira Lekshmi C V - 10 months ago

Athira Lekshmi C V from Thrissur, India is saying 14!(4!) is correct answer

The Stranger
The Stranger - 11 months ago

The Stranger from Kolkata, India is saying 1,51,200 is correct answer

Ankita Chand Deopa
Ankita Chand Deopa - 11 months ago

Ankita Chand Deopa is saying 1,51,200 is correct answer

Sunil Kumar R
Sunil Kumar R - 2 years ago

Sunil Kumar R from Bengaluru, India is saying 1,51,200 is correct answer

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