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If the disk head is located initially at 32, find the number of disk moves required with FCFS if
the disk queue of I/O blocks are 98, 37, 14, 124, 65, 67.

[A] 239
[B] 310
[C] 321
[D] 325
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Srusti Lingaraju
Srusti Lingaraju - 1 year ago

Srusti Lingaraju is saying 310 is correct answer

navjeet singh joshan
navjeet singh joshan - 2 years ago

navjeet singh joshan is saying 321 is correct answer

Raghuveer Dhakad
Raghuveer Dhakad - 3 years ago

Raghuveer Dhakad from Delhi, India is saying 321 is correct answer

suresh 1547
suresh 1547 - 3 years ago

suresh 1547 from India is saying 321 is correct answer

purushotham - 3 years ago

purushotham from India is saying 321 is correct answer

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