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What is the output of this program?
class equality {

int x;

int y;

boolean isequal(){

return(x == y);



class Output {

public static void main(String args[])


equality obj = new equality();

obj.x = 5;

obj.y = 5;

System.out.println(obj.isequal); }


[A] false
[B] true
[C] 0
[D] 1
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Komal Kota
Komal Kota - 1 month ago

Komal Kota is saying 0 is correct answer

DZ&UC N.Feroze
DZ&UC N.Feroze - 2 months ago

DZ&UC N.Feroze from Karachi, Pakistan is saying true is correct answer

Azeezat Omolara Azeez
Azeezat Omolara Azeez - 3 months ago

Azeezat Omolara Azeez from Suleja, Nigeria is saying true is correct answer

nancys selvam
nancys selvam - 4 months ago

nancys selvam is saying true is correct answer

Anyaogu Margaret
Anyaogu Margaret - 5 months ago

Anyaogu Margaret from Lagos, Nigeria is saying true is correct answer

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