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AWT is used for GUI programming in java?

[A] True
[B] False
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Kashaf Mujeeb
Kashaf Mujeeb - 1 month ago

Kashaf Mujeeb from Norman, United States is saying True is correct answer

Kunal Pisolkar
Kunal Pisolkar - 1 month ago

Kunal Pisolkar from Mumbai, India is saying True is correct answer

Gurpreet Singh
Gurpreet Singh - 2 months ago

Gurpreet Singh from India is saying True is correct answer

Azeezat Omolara Azeez
Azeezat Omolara Azeez - 3 months ago

Azeezat Omolara Azeez from Suleja, Nigeria is saying True is correct answer

Sohan Luharch
Sohan Luharch - 3 months ago

Sohan Luharch from Ludhiana, India is saying True is correct answer

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Which package provides many event classes and Listener interfaces for event handling?

  • [A] java.awt
  • [B] java.awt.Graphics
  • [C] java.awt.event
  • [D] None of the above

In which places can put the event handling code

  • [A] Same class
  • [B] Other class
  • [C] Annonymous class
  • [D] All mentioned above

Give the abbreviation of AWT?

  • [A] Applet Windowing Toolkit
  • [B] Abstract Windowing Toolkit
  • [C] Absolute Windowing Toolkit
  • [D] None of the above

Package of drawstring() method is

  • [A] java.applet
  • [B] java.io
  • [C] javax.swing
  • [D] java.awt