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Which of these is a process of converting a simple data type into a class?

[A] type wrapping
[B] type conversion
[C] type casting
[D] None of the Mentioned.
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Aisha Bashir
Aisha Bashir - 1 month ago

Aisha Bashir from Lagos, Nigeria is saying None of the Mentioned. is correct answer

Nguyen Hung Thinh (K15 HL)
Nguyen Hung Thinh (K15 HL) - 6 months ago

Nguyen Hung Thinh (K15 HL) is saying type conversion is correct answer

Meryem Onzy
Meryem Onzy - 7 months ago

Meryem Onzy from Casablanca, Morocco is saying type conversion is correct answer

Kachhiya Tushar
Kachhiya Tushar - 9 months ago

Kachhiya Tushar is saying type casting is correct answer

Bharath - 9 months ago

Bharath from Hyderabad, India is saying type wrapping is correct answer

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