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Which of the following tags in struts-config.xml file defines the availability of necessary Struts JSP custom tag libraries?

[A] < jsp-lib>
[B] < struts-taglib>
[C] < taglib>
[D] < jsp-taglib>
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Rajlaxmi Wankhede
Rajlaxmi Wankhede - 4 months ago

Rajlaxmi Wankhede is saying < taglib> is correct answer

Shaun - 6 months ago

Shaun is saying < jsp-taglib> is correct answer

Bharath - 9 months ago

Bharath from Hyderabad, India is saying < jsp-lib> is correct answer

Muthu Kumar R
Muthu Kumar R - 1 year ago

Muthu Kumar R is saying < jsp-taglib> is correct answer

Ho Thi Tra Giang (K14 DN)
Ho Thi Tra Giang (K14 DN) - 1 year ago

Ho Thi Tra Giang (K14 DN) is saying < jsp-taglib> is correct answer

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